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Repairing other companies work

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bad squirrel sealing2often times I run into jobs that other operators have done that I have to redo, either because it is not effective or because they have made the house look like an eyesore from plastering wire mesh all over it. The first picture is a section of the house that was covered like all the rest. The wire mesh was visible from the ground and looked horrible. I went all around the house and removed all of the wiring and screws and washers and sealed the house my way.

bad squirrel sealing3This picture shows how I inserted the wire mesh with the edges pointing out so when the squirrel tries to chew he meets with sharp points and he doesn’t try to chew anymore then I fill the gap with silicone. The silicone I use goes on white, dries clear, its paintable and is still invisible. The area is also not a vent so it can be sealed. What you get afterwards is a sealed squirrel proof house without bringing down the value and beauty of the home.

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