New England Squirrel Removal Trapping And Exclusion

Flying squirrels in Round Pond, Maine

Flying squirrels causing serious problems in Round Pond, Maine

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Flying squirrels

Are starting to get back into homes for the fall, they will stay all winter and leave again after raising their young which are born in the spring. Flying squirrels use areas as toilets that eventually build up and can stain wherever they are going.

They will come back in mid summer and have another litter, raise their young and leave again until the fall. What we do is come out and do an inspection (fee involved) and confirm that it is flying squirrels and not mice or bats. We then give you a price for excluding them out and then sealing them out and put a 2 year warrantee that they wont get back in. If they are going too get back in it will be well within that 2 year time frame. If the flying squirrels do get back in we come back out and re exclude them out and start the warrantee all over again from the very beginning.

75% of all the bat and flying squirrel jobs we do our customer has already had at least one other company out there trying to get rid of them. A flying squirrel exclusion is like a game of chess, we make a move, they make a move and it either involves us making another move or we win and its game over. Whether we win on the first move or the second we will come back and you don’t pay again.

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We do not charge to come back out again, nor do we charge to start the warrantee all over again. No other company will do this.

Temporary Foam Use

We also never use black foam to exclude, we use a 1/4″ galvanized wire mesh and silicone. The trick to a proper exclusion is to have it be effective and also make it look like we were ever there. Black foam is ugly and porous so it holds bacteria. Black foam also breaks down with the sun rays and your right back were you started from, silicone lasts 35 yrs, goes on white and dries clear, its paintable and virtually invisible.


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