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Getting rid of Flying squirrels in Maine

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Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels are one of the toughest animals to keep out of a house.  Flying squirrels are omnivorous to the point of almost being carnivorous. They will eat Mice, Bats, Birds, Bird eggs Moths, insect larvae from hornet nests and other flying insects, everything that the red and gray squirrels eat, other flying squirrels from other colonies and even gray squirrels. They hunt like pack animals and are even smarter than rats. I have been studying flying squirrels for over 20 years and have found many things about them that are absolutely incredible. They learn from their experiences, if they are trapped they will learn what  a trap is and eventually teach the others in their colony what they are. When they are excluded they learn how to search and find new ways in. 75% of the flying squirrel jobs I do in New England my customer has already had at least one other company out to their home who has already tried to exclude them and failed. Most of the time it is a pest control company that has only been doing this type of work for only a few years. It takes at least 10 yrs to become an expert with flying squirrel and bat exclusions. Flying squirrels are nocturnal so you will hear then running around at night in your ceilings and walls.

Flying squirrels move in in the fall of the year and stay through to the spring where they leave after the first litter. Most of the time they will come back mid summer and have another litter and then leave again afterwards and not return until the fall again. Because of their nomadic behavior this can really mess with peoples minds, they think they are gone and then they return and the scene repeats itself. Flying squirrels also use communal toilets which can be hazardous and very unsightly. A communal toilet is a spot an animal uses specifically to urinate and defecate at, once it is filled up they move to a different spot and so on. These toilets can leak through soffits and ceilings it can look like a water leak in a ceiling or molasses leaking through in a soffit. Flying squirrels can squeeze through a linear crack the width of your pinky finger or a hole the size of your thumbnail.


The first thing we do is come out and do an inspection, we do charge a fee for the inspection. The first thing we do is confirm that you do indeed have a flying squirrel problem and not another problem instead. From there we can give you a price for excluding them out and then sealing them out. We will answer all of your questions so you know exactly what is going on and why.

The solution

Trapping is only a temporary solution to the problem even if you are lucky enough to trap them all, more will move in shortly after. An exclusion is the only permanent solution to getting and keeping out flying squirrels. The main entry is found and then a one way exclusion tube is placed over the hole and the flying squirrel exit through and are left outside. this exit can take a few days because if they have been excluded before then they will search for other ways out before leaving through the tube which will mean you can hear them scurrying around more than normal for 1-3 days. These noises are part of the process and if they find no other ways out then they will exit through the tube. Once they leave through the tube the first thing they do is comb every square inch of the building for another way back in. They will search 6 feet and up on the house. I have had on rare occasions the flying squirrels go lower but again, it is rare. Once they cannot gain entry they will search for another home.

The cleanup

The Toilets I spoke of earlier will need to be addressed and we can do that also and can give you a price for that also. When flying squirrel droppings dry up they get very difficult to remove and must be scraped off which is no easy task. We use all HEPA vacs and HEPA filters because it is considered a bio hazard. We remove all of the insulation and replace it with the proper R factor insulation. We disinfect the area so all of the viruses are killed and the hazard is gone.

Materials used

Many companies are still using Black foam or they use just wire mesh tacked over the hole. Black foam has only one place and it isn’t on someone’s home, it only belongs in the hulls of boats. NEVER let anyone use black foam on your home. Black foam is ugly and is porous, holds bacteria can hold moisture which means it can rot wood, it only lasts 5-10 years, it breaks down with the ultra violet rays of the sun and then your right back where you started from. Many companies use it because it is very inexpensive and they can use one 15 dollar can for several houses. We use a clear silicone/latex paintable caulking which goes on white and dries clear. it lasts for 35 years, is not porous so it will not hold bacteria or rot the wood it touches. When combined with a 1/4 inch galvanized wire mesh it becomes a impenetrable barrier that they cannot get through. the trick to a proper exclusion is that it must be effective and also invisible. The correct materials must absolutely be used or it just wont work or look good. when working around stone then mortar must be pointed into the gaps.


The warrantee

We have a warrantee that no other company can compete with. We offer a 2 year warrantee on all of our exclusions and if they are going to get back in it is going to be within those first two years and if they do we come back out again at no charge and get them back out again and then start the warrantee all the way over again from the very beginning. We average a 90 to 95% success rate the first time and 100% thereafter but 5-10% of the time we have to make some corrections but remember, you don’t pay again. we will sell no extended warrantees as we believe this is a consumer rip off, you shouldn’t have to keep paying for something that should be done right the first time. The only thing that can void a warrantee is an act of nature or another person breaking the sealing. Both of theses factors we have no control over.

About us

I have been doing bat and flying squirrel exclusions for over 20 years. I hire only U.S. Veterans now. I am a former Army Ranger and believe 100% in what I do. This is not just my work, it is my life. I have taught other companies around the nation how to do exclusions correctly and continue to do so to include helping state agencies.

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