New England Squirrel Removal Trapping And Exclusion

Getting rid of Flying squirrels in New Hampshire

Flying squirrel exclusion in New Hampshire

We have been doing flying squirrel exclusions longer than anyone in New Hampshire. The skill we use reflects this. I personally have been researching flying squirrels longer than anyone and have gone above and beyond what anyone else has done. I used to sit on rooftops all night long with night sights and tied up in trees all night long too. I started doing this almost 20 years ago when very few people even knew what flying squirrels were. No Pest control company has more experience than we do and cant even begin to compete with out warrantee. I have trained companies all over the United States how to do bat and flying squirrel exclusion jobs correctly. Bats and flying squirrels are the hardest critters to keep out of your home. What first has to be done is the main entry way must be found then a one way door is placed over the hole, each home can have 1-7 one way doors placed on the house. once the doors are in place the entire house must be sealed for other entry ways that can be used instead. This sounds easy but the amount of redo jobs I have done after other companies failed is staggering. Once the areas are all sealed then the one way doors must remain in place for at least 2 weeks for flying squirrels and 30 days for bats. After this time period they can be taken down and the holes sealed.

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David Kondrup 1-866-261-1316

Mix up of names

make sure when you call that you are talking to David Kondrup and not another David, I have had other people with the same first name closely match my business name. One man in particular is a hack and takes the money and runs. I am a former Army Ranger and hold my work to the very highest standards. Make sure I am the one you are talking to by calling this number. I am with New Hampshire Animal Damage Control,  and


A formidable foe

Flying squirrels are one of the toughest animals to get out of a home or building and keep them out. They can squeeze through a linear crack the width of a humans pinky or a hole the size of a thumbnail. I have written many articles about how difficult they are to exclude. An exclusion is not a one step process, it is an ongoing process that can take some time to complete. Call us when you want your exclusion job done and done right.

flyin squirrel toilet                              soiled soffet


Problems with flying squirrels



The best warrantee in the industry

Our warrantees cannot be beat by anyone else. Some companies will put a warrantee on their work from 6 months to 7 years. While this 7 year warrantee may sound good what happens is the company will come out and do a little bit of work and drag it out to the end of the warrantee and then if you want them to come back out again you must pay all over again. Some companies will put a dual warrantee to cover both flying squirrels and bats, they put a 2 year warrantee on the flyers and a 7 year on the bats, this makes no sense because if one gets in after the 2 yr warrantee then it will void the warrantee for the second one. It is just a play on words and means nothing for the homeowner. I know this because I see it happen all of the time. Our warrantee is for 2 yrs and if they are going to get back in it will be well within that 2 yr time frame. If they do get back in then we come back out again at no charge and re exclude them then start the warrantee all over again from the very beginning. This continues until they are gone and do not come back. We believe you should only have to have an exclusion done one time and that’s it. The only thing that can void a warrantee is if the homeowner or a contractor does something to break the sealing on the house ( like replacing a roof) or an act of nature like a storm blows a tree onto the house. we have no control over  these things.

Materials we use

Many companies use black expanding foam or regular expanding foam. Expanding foam is no good and the only place it belongs is in the hulls of boats, not on peoples homes. Foam only lasts 5 – 10 years and breaks down with the ultra violet rays of the sun and your right back where you started from. Foam is also porous and holds bacteria and when it touches the wood on your home can cause it to rot the wood which will create further problems. Foam is also very ugly and can bring down the aesthetic value of your home. Companies that use this use it for the simple reason that one 15.00 can of foam can do several houses. The materials we use will cost almost 500.00 for the same amount, sometimes more. Foam is a cost cutting measure with no regard for the homeowners property. We use a 1/4″ galvanized wire mesh that is fitted to the cracks and slid in out of sight and filled with clear silicone. Silicone goes on white and dries clear, is non porous so it doesn’t hold bacteria and wont rot the wood, it also lasts 35 years. The 2 biggest things about an exclusion is that it should be effective and it should look like we were never there.

Zip codes we cover

03601, 03803, 03818, 03222, 03275, 03602, 03809, 03810, 03031, 03216, 03440, 03217, 03441, 03811, 03032, 03218, 03825, 03812, 03740, 03110, 03220, 03442, 03780, 03785, 03570, 03574, 03303, 03304, 03221, 03833, 03575, 03222, 03264, 03298, 03872, 03894, 03033, 03223, 03741, 03034, 03224, 03598, 03225, 03813, 03226, 03814, 03227, 03815, 03816, 03226, 03603, 03813, 03036, 03443, 03258, 03817, 03743, 03592, 03576, 03590, 03301, 03302, 03303, 03304, 03305, 03307, 03229, 03818, 03745, 03746, 03773, 03225, 03226, 03814, 03227, 03815, 03816, 03598, 03230, 03819, 03756, 03037, 03224, 03038, 03576, 03266, 03820, 03821, 03822, 03604, 03444, 03588, 03046, 03824, 03231, 03040, 03041, 03826, 03241, 03827, 03605, 03868, 03445, 03446, 03830, 03602, 03231, 03040, 03041, 03826, 03241, 03827, 03605, 03868, 03445, 03446, 03830, 03580, 03785, 03832, 03882, 03233, 03223, 03266, 03748, 03749, 03042, 03234, 03579, 03570, 03833, 03835, 03447, 03043, 03580, 03235, 03836, 03044, 03751, 03247, 03249, 03237, 03837, 03448, 03838, 03238, 03045, 03046, 03839, 03581, 03752, 03240, 03753, 03047, 03840, 03048, 03241, 03266, 03582, 03754, 03249, 03860, 03841, 03842, 03843, 03844, 03449, 03755, 03450, 03812, 03765, 03241, 03242, 03243, 03244, 03451, 03245, 03049, 03106, 03229, 03051, 03845, 03298, 03299, 03846, 03452, 03583, 03847, 03431, 03435, 03833, 03848, 03246, 03247, 03584, 03585, 03785, 03602, 03756, 03766, 03824, 03605, 03822, 03251, 03585, 03052, 03561, 03252, 03053, 03307, 03585, 03768, 03769, 03082, 03823, 03849, 03875, 03101,03102, 03103, 03104, 03105, 03106, 03107, 03108, 03109, 03110, 03111, 03455, 03456, 03048, 03850, 03253, 03770, 03054, 03887, 03588, 03055, 03851, 03852, 03853, 03771, 03057, 03254, 03255, 03057, 03589, 03255, 03057, 03589, 03457, 03860, 03862, 03774, 03073, 03259, 03590, 03260, 03431, 03609, 03262, 03060, 03061, 03062, 03063, 03064, 03445, 03457, 03070, 03854, 03855, 03256, 03071, 03257, 03255, 03272, 03854, 03856, 03801, 03805, 03857, 03773, 03858, 03859, 03305, 03107, 03860, 03862, 03774, 03073, 03590, 03609, 03813, 03258, 03262, 03276, 03582, 03583,

Towns we cover

Acworth, Albany, Alexandria, Allenstown, Alstead, Alstead Center, Alton, Alton Bay, Amherst, Andover, Antrim, Ashland, Ashuelot, Atkinson, Auburn, Barnstead, Barrington, Bartlett, Bath, Bedford, Belmont, Bennington, Benton, Berlin, Bethlehem, Boscawen, Bow, Bradford, Brentwood, Bretton Woods, Bridgewater, Bristol, Brookfield, Brookline, Campton, Canaan, Candia, Canterbury, Carroll, Center Barnstead, Center Conway, Center Harbor, Center Ossipee, Center Sandwich, Center Strafford, Center Tuftonboro, Centre Harbor, Charlestown, Chatham, Chester, Chesterfield, Chichester, Chocorua, Claremont, Clarksville, Colebrook, Columbia, Concord, Contoocook, Conway, Cornish, Cornish flat, Croydon, Dalton, Danbury, Danville, Deerfield, Deering, Derry, Dixville, Dixville Notch, Dorchester, Dover, Drewsville, Dublin, Dummer, Dunbarton, Durham, East Alstead, East Andover, East Candia, East Derry, East Hampstead, East Hebron, East Kingston, East Lempster, East Rochester, East Sullivan, East Swanzey, East Wakefield, Easton, Eaton, Eaton Center, Effingham, Elkins, Ellsworth, Enfield, Enfield Center, Epping, Epsom, Errol, Etna, Exeter, Farmington, Fitzwilliam, Francestown, Franconia, Franklin, Freedom, Fremont, Georges Mills, Gilford, Gilmanton, Gilmanton Iron Works, Gilsum, Glen, Glencliff, Goffstown, Gonic, Gorham, Goshen, Grafton, Grantham, Greenfield, Greenland, Greenville, Groton, Groveton, Guild, Guilford, Hales location, Hampstead, Hampton, Hampton Beach, Hampton Falls, Hancock, Hanover, Harrisville, Harts Location, Haverhill, Hebron, Henniker, Hill, Hillsboro, Hillsborough, Hinsdale, Holderness, Hollis, Hooksett, Hopkinton, Hudson, Intervale, J Hill, Jackson, Jaffrey, Jefferson, Kearsage, Keene, Keene State College, Kensington, Kingston, Laconia, Lakeport, Lancaster, Landaff, Langdon, Lebanon, Lee, Lempster, Lincoln, Lisbon, Litchfield, Littleton, Lochmere, Londonderry, Loudon, Lyman, Lyme, Lyme Center, Lyndeboro, Lyndeborough, Madbury, Madison, Manchester, Marlborough, Marlow, Mason, Melvin Village, Meredith, Meriden, Merrimack, Middleton, Milan, Milford, Milton, Milton Mills, Mirror Lake, Monroe, Mont Vernon, Moultonborough, Moultonboro, Mount Sunapee, Mount Vernon, Mount Washington, Mt Sunapee, Mt Vernon, Mt Washington, Munsonville, Nashua, Nelson, New Boston, New Castle, New Durham, New Hampton, New Ipswich, New London, Newbury, Newcastle, Newfields, Newington, Newmarket, Newport, Newton, Newton Junction, North Chatham, North Chichester, North Conway, North Conway, North Hampton, North Haverhill, North Salem, North Sandwich, North Stratford, North Sutton, North Swanzey, North Walpole, North Woodstock, Northfield, Northumberland, Northwood, Nottingham, Orange, Orford, Ossipee, Pelham, Pembroke, Penacook, Peterborough, Piermont, Pike, Pittsburg, Pittsfield, Plainfield, Plaistow, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Randolph, Raymond, Richmond, Rindge, Rochester, Rollinsford, Roxbury, Rumney, Rye, Rye Beach, Salem, Salisbury, Sanbornton, Sanbornville, Sandown, Sandwich, Seabrook, Sharon, Shelburne, Silver Lake, Somersworth, South Acworth, South Chatham, South Danville, South Effingham, South Hampton, South Newbury, South Sutton, South Tamworth, Spofford, Springfield, Stark, Stewartstown, Stinson Lake, Stoddard, Strafford, Stratford, Stratham, Sugar Hill, Sullivan, Sunapee, Suncook, Surry, Swanzey, Swansey Center, Tamworth, Temple, Thornton, Tilton, Troy, Tuftonboro, Twin Mountain, Union, Unity, Wakefield, Walpole, Warner, Warren, Washington, Waterville Valley, Weare, Webster, Weirs Beach, Wentworth, Wentworths Location, West Alton, West Chesterfield, West Franklin, West Lebanon, West Nottingham, West Ossipee, West Peterborough, West Springfield, West Stewartstown, West Swanzey, Westmoreland, Whitefield, Wilmot, Wilmot Flat, Wilton, Winchester, Windham, Windsor, Winnisquam, Wolfeboro, Wolfeboro Falls, Wonalancet, Woodstock, Woodsville

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